Make your first stop, the right stop.


F.S. Pros are pros from top to bottom.
Helpful, considerate, efficient and focused. What more could you ask for? Coming from New York City I appreciate their professionalism.
Great job, keep up the good work!

Donald Ward (American)

Donald Ward

I started working with Pros in  August  2005 in a kindergarten in Lanfang (Hebei province). Pros was very professional. They asked for a lot of documents and demo videos but they also gave me a lot. They assured that I was happy with the position and called me to do follow – up questions.  I decided to quit my job and move to Qingdao because I was not happy living in Lanfang. They understood and they helped me finding 2 more jobs one in a middle school and the other one in a kindergarten. They offered me other jobs that I couldn’t take because of my schedule. 
I hope we keep working together for a long time.  I hope they don’t change their policy and think of the teachers as individuals and not as business opportunities.
Best regards,

Daniel Sanz (Spanish)

Stephen Moore
Jesse Barkin

I found the F.S.PROS. team a huge help when applying for a first time job in China. They were able to match my experience and requirements for a job perfectly with that of my employers and took all the usual hassle of job hunting away. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a first time job in China! 
 Mary Keena(Republic of Ireland)

I'm so thankful for all the great support I've had from FSPros. The team not only helped me come to Qingdao but continued to care and help me throughout my whole time, such as organising events and always being there me for me - thank you!

Valya Jewaga (Ukrainian )

​Celia Mata
​Jane Ivanushkina

Hey all,
I just want to give a shout out to First Stop Professionals, and especially my contact Cindy. What I liked most about Cindy's approach in finding the right teaching job for me in China was that she took the time to listen to me, and that helped her recommend positions that suited my needs and experience. 

Jesse Barkin (American)

I arrived in Qingdao to teach at a college in October 2015. I met F.S. PROS. two months later in December.
I wish that they had been my recruiters from the beginning of my work experience in China. All my instructions will then have been extremely satisfying; They are helpful, professional, friendly and very resourceful. We have worked together on English Corner events, business English classes and on-site English classes. I would recommend F.S.PROS. without reservation to anyone looking for teaching opportunities in China.
Roland Silvio (Canadian, MBA)

F.s.pros. was wonderful to work with. They made my transition to find a job very easy and were very supportive throughout the process with useful recommendations.Cindy has continued to help me even after I have settled into the city and has regularly checked up on me to make sure my I was doing well.

Patrick (Australia)

Craig Curry

Teaching in Qingdao, China has been a goal of mine for some time, but I was always nervous to take the quick action! Knowing that First Stop Professional is there for me if I have any problem has been a huge comfort and made the transition process smooth. Thank you, First Stop Professional!
I highly recommend First Stop Professional as means to get an excellent job in China. First Stop Professional helped me find multiple teaching jobs. They were always keen to give me options that would suit my needs and get me out to the school as soon as possible. I am having a great experience at an international school in Qingdao, China and it’s all thanks to Cindy at First Stop Professional!

 Dehkonova (Uzbekistan)


I have been coming to China for the past 10 years and have to say that this company is simply the best in my experience.
I have found them extremely friendly and professional throughout my many visit, from before I fist arrived to the end of my contract. I felt my concerns were their concerns and they did everything possible to put my mind at ease when different worries occurred. Teaching, visas, transport, you name it, they were always ready to help to find a solution.
China is an amazing place. Some parts so magnificently new and others so old and very cultural(I prefer the latter)
Each time I leave, I am left with a feeling of belonging, a feeling of the need to return again and continue the journey in the magical far east-and it is! It is a vast, diverse mind blowing country.
F.S.pros just adds to the feeling of well-being. Their base is in Qingdao, a terrific vibrant city, growing more and more by the years. If you don’t come here, you will be missing out. I have no regrets.
Quite simply, F.S.Pros and China has completely changed my life. A big thanks!
Trevor Shaw (Musician, British) 

Paulina Wroblewska

When I first saw the F.S. Pros advertisement, I felt hopeless because I couldn’t find a decent teaching job within the area I wanted. I called  first and Cindy helped me out immediately, carefully and responsibly.
Even after that first time, they continued to help me. Any time I needed help or information someone was usually free to help me out, because for a foreigner there are many things to deal with in a country like China.
The best thing is that they never forget people and were always arranging nice get-togethers, English corners and festive dinners, which make us feel like family.
From finding the job to the contract and till now they helped me a lot and from the depth of my heart I am very thankful for their efforts and the trust you put in me.

Billy Chaudhry (British)

F.S. Pros helped me find my first teaching job in China. They are more than a recruiting company; they're like a family away from home. They provide free Chinese lessons, host social activities, and are genuinely warm and caring people. I trust them, and I would recommend them wholeheartedly.

Jason Bechtel (American)

Daniel Sanz

F.S.Pros company is a great agency, which helps foreigners to find the jobs in China. The employees work hard to meet expats' expactations. They helped me a lot, I got my job and stayed longer in China thanks to them. Besides, the staff who work there are extremely nice and friendly. I highly recommend this agency!

Paulina Wroblewska (Polish)

The people in Weihai are great and easy to interact with which for someone with essentially no Chinese language skills is appreciated.

The school is great and they treat all their staff well. The students are great to work with, an advantage of teaching people eager to learn and the amount of work is what I expected. The staff goes our of their way to make sure that I am occupied and spend time showing me around areas of China I would have missed if I was just visiting. They are all living up to all aspects of the contract and there have been no surprises and the living accommodations  are above what I was expecting.

I am very happy with the way things have turned out and I am pleased both with the school and F.S. Pros for providing such a great opportunity.

Stephen Moore (Canadian, MBA) 

Adam B

I first came to China in 2013 and found a job via Dave's ESL cafe, as that was the only way my naive post-graduate self knew how to do things. If I could do it again, then I certainly would have used this company straight from the get go.
I returned back to Canada in early 2016 in order to get my TESOL certification, and, again using Dave's ESL cafe I found what appeared to be an ideal gig for me, only to have it taken from my hands after my position was cancelled at the last minute by the incompetent management of the seemingly promising school.
Thankfully, FSPROZ was able to come to my rescue and find a position for me. For this, I am extremely grateful. The staff at that school were quite kind, and the students were quite nice as well, which was certainly an added bonus.
What's more, they helped me to find an even better job this coming academic year at a proper international school, teaching what I'm meant to be teaching—Calculus--with what seems like an even better faculty!
Don't waste your time dealing with indifferent automatons and fake schools—choose FSPROZ. They only deal with reputable schools and can help the neophyte with all aspects of their stay in China—from dealing with culture shock to ordering everyday essentials online. I really can't thank them enough.

Dan MacKeigan (Canadian)

Valya Jewaga

First stop professionals where amazing from the get go. Within a few days of sending a message stating I am interested in finding a job, interviews had been lined up with different schools. After accepting a job offer, the help continued with visa. F.S Pros made the visa application process simple, with continuing advice every step of the way. After arriving in Qingdao, the support was amazing, with the offer to help find accommodation, assistance with medical examinations and help with contract negotiations at the school. After nearly 3 months of being in China, F.S pros are still there when you need them, happy to help with any issues, work related or personal. I have dealt with many companies like this, F.S pros is defiantly the best and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone. Thank you F.S Pros!          JK (British)

Megan Demers
Roland Silvio

My experience with the company was satisfactory. I always got the help I needed, and they have always been very nice to me.  I definitely recommend them.

Celia Mata (Spanish, Master of Education)

First Stop Professionals helped me find a job at a university in Beijing.  
I had not previously worked in Beijing so was not familiar with the city.  I dealt with Cindy of FS Pros and her assistance made the process very smooth and straight forward.  
They kept in regular contact with me throughout.  I would recommend them to anyone wishing to start a career in the Middle Kingdom.
Adam B(British)

 F.S.Pros.staff have been of great value in assisting and securing me my first ESL position in China. It was quite difficult at times not knowing the local language, they helped me a lot from searching for an apartment to teaching Chinese.
My appreciation, mostly, with Cindy and her colleagues, of the persistent support of moving to another position even without being registered with F.S Pros. Cindy is still evidently answering all my questions, giving me encouragement, providing me assistance and advice when needed.   
Thank you, F.S. Pros.!

​Jane Ivanushkina (Russian)

Trevor Shaw

Hello, my name is Craig and I am from the United States of America. I decided to come to China over one in a half years ago to teach English to children. Prior to coming, I did months of research online because I had specific requirements and found it difficult to find a recruiter that would meet all my needs. Many recruiters offered me positions around China, but none of them offered me the position with hours I was looking for.

However, Cindy at FS Pros listened to my requests and researched to find a job that suited my needs. I have now been here in China now for nine months and I really enjoy my job thanks to FS Pros. This agency was also willing to help me with any situation that arose with my employer. I was very impressed that they were so willing to communicate on my behalf with my company, in a timely manner, to help straighten out any differences we may have had in our contract agreement.  It is my pleasure to recommend FS Pros to whomever is interested in taking a position as a foreign teacher here in China. 谢谢 FS Pros!

Craig Curry (American)

Matt Allio
Jason Bechtel

My name is Megan and I’ve worked with F.S.PROS. for one and a half years. Having the opportunity to work alongside Linda was a pleasure.  This company and Linda have surpassed my wants and expectations. I felt that in any given situation I could rely on Linda to help me to better understand situations regarding teaching, housing, and culture ect…  Any problems I had were always dealt with in a professional and efficient matter by Linda and her team. Working in this company, I was given such opportunities as learning Mandarin once a week, having company dinners to better get to know my company coworkers, as well as fellow English teachers. I truly believe that Linda upholds her employees comfort and needs in the highest regard and is always willing to work with you. 
Megan Demers (Canadian)

First Stop Professionals are truly remarkable in placing teachers.  From the first phone call in California to when my plane landed in China, FS Pros were with me every single step of the way.  They gave me the confidence through the process as they had the answers based on their comprehensive experience.  And such a wide variety of schools they suggested....amazing.  FS Pros are experts in every way, they look at the smallest details in finding the right school for you, they truly care, and are with you at each step.  I am grateful for the expertise and care of First Stop Professionals.

Matt Allio(American, MA)

Hi, F.S.Pros has a great deal of experience in employment service. I was supported with finding a job in China in a short period of time. Professionalism of managers makes a process of recruiting easier.I would strongly recommend the company for people who seek reputable employers and want to stay in China legally. Explore China with F.S.Pros!

Jenny Simirnowa (Russian)

Dan MacKeigan

Making the decision to come to China to teach was a good one. I knew the opportunity to work in another country would give me the experiences of being a better teacher, learning new culture and language. I had never traveled to China before but my goal was to experience something exciting and challenging. Cindy,a recruiter from F.S Pros provided the steps to make teaching in China a reality.If you're thinking of teaching abroad like me, I'd definitely recommend this agency. My recruiter Cindy helped me get a position in a foreign Language school,which is one of the first class schools in china.Of course you can apply directly, BUT the tons of questions that you'll have throughout the process will be answered by these guys so you won't be stressed out and trust me I had a lot of concerns.
I am only two and half week in China but I am more that someone who has been teaching here for a year because I feel at home since all my needs are been taken care.I have two bed rooms furnished with screen T.V and  the amazing thing is that,the comforter and the  bed spread that I sleep on was provided by the school.Not forgetting, the school also provided the rice cooker and cooking utensils I will need for cooking.
There are supermarkets and cafeterias at the school campus and twice in the week,the school provide free ride for foreign teachers to enable us shop for basic items that cannot be found at the school's supermarkets.
The most exciting news is that,Chinese people are so nice and friendly.If you meet ten people a day,at least eight of them  will say "hello" .If they can speak English, they will say it in Chinese language  "Ni Hao".
Now, to those who want to live in a beautiful city,kindly find job in China.The city where I live and Hangzhou the city where I landed the first from the U.S can be compared to Manhattan in New York state.

Sylvanus(American, MBA)

I have known and worked with F.S.PROS.for almost 18 months now, and have the highest regard for Linda’s abilities, her efficiency and her innate decency as a human being.
As a middle-aged man who made a somewhat unusual career move in obtaining a teaching position in China, it was necessary and fortunate for me to find a representative or agent in that country who was dependable and reliable.
As anyone who has come here from the west to work will know, the Chinese bureaucracy is of necessity very exacting in its requirements for foreigners, and it would have been difficult for me to have negotiated the procedural challenges of staying and working in China on my own.
Every aspect of securing my employment and my circumstances here was made infinitely easier and more pleasant because of my association with Linda and her staff. This would include finding and helping me to secure a college job and lodging, making sure I was put in contact with the right people to help me secure a work visa, a foreign expert certificate and a residence permit, and seeing that I was able to supplement my income with private teaching engagements. 

Linda and her staff also helped me with a variety of small but important everyday issues, such as making sure I obtained a local cell phone, and assisting me in opening a bank account. They were attentive as well to a long list of other questions and concerns I had. Most importantly, they made sure I knew that if any kind of question or difficulty arose, all I had to do was ask and they would be there to assist in any way they could.
One thing that serves Linda well in her work is her knowledge and understanding of western culture as well as her own native Chinese culture. She is acutely aware of cultural differences and is quite able to assist people in avoiding predictable, but unnecessary pitfalls. She combines this broad, cross–cultural understanding with an absolutely impeccable ethical sense, and an unimpeachable trustworthiness.
It took me a long time to decide to come to China, knowing little about the culture and even less about the language. Once I arrived, I sort of leapt in with both feet, as it were, and learned a great deal on the job and on the go. It is fair to say that my tenure here has been made more livable, enjoyable and even possible because of my association with Linda. She is not only completely professional and conscientious in the performance of her job, but is a lovely person too. I am very pleased to be able to call her my friend as well as my representative.
The professional services provided by Linda and her staff at F.S.PROS. cannot be recommended highly enough, and it has been my great pleasure to have been asked to write this letter.    

Marc Gregory (American)

Jenny Simirnowa
Marc Gregory

It has been 12 years since I had a dream and vision to travel to China to teach English as a second language. I had the opportunity to teach Foreigners ESL in American some 12 years ago and from that I wanted to travel abroad teaching others in their own country the English language. I went to school and obtained a certification to teach abroad in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, Teaching English as a Second Language and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TESOL/TESL/TEFL). Followed, by interviews with Cindy from F.S. pros Education & Recruitment. It was an instant connection with them during the interview. Their personality matched my personality, and from there it was a suitable placement for me and soon my dreams were starting to come alive! I am grateful for this service. 

​​Charisse Drakeford, M.Ed. (American) 

Mary Keena

I would highly recommend Cindy and the agency. They only liaise with reputable schools so you can be sure you won't be getting ripped off in your new school. Cindy was there for me every step of the way and would always reply right away whenever i had a query. I am currently teaching at a wonderful primary school in Beijing with a decent salary and working conditions. I have lived in China for 5 years and the school the agency found me is by far the best I have taught at during my 5 years. I would not hesitate to use Cindy again in the future. 

Leah (British)

Billy Chaudhry