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Shenzhen is a SEZ (Special Economics Zone) located just North of Hong Kong, on the eastern shore of the Pearl River Delta. It is a major financial center and one of the largest as well as wealthiest cities on the mainland. The city is made up of 10 districts, though four of which host population levels equal to Chinese villages.

History: For most of its history Shenzhen has been a small market or trading town with remnants of its day as the capital of the salt trade, dating back to the Han empire, littered around the pearl river. The name Shenzhen first appears during the Ming dynasty but does not become official until 1979 when in an effort to instil a taste of history on to a small market town. Like many modern trading and economic hubs in China Shenzhen boasts very little actual history or historical architecture.

Climates: Hot and humid, that is Shenzhen in a nutshell, you will experience typhoons several times a year, over a hundred days of fog and three times the amount of rain one would experience in London and twice that of New York (neither of which are actually that raining if you look up actual stats.)

Attractions: Theme parks that is what Shenzhen has in spades and the theme parks themselves are sort of odd, you have parks like Splendid China (a miniaturised version of all the sights from around China) and Window to the Word (a miniaturised version of the sights from the rest of the word) which seemingly are promoting the fact that Shenzhen has no culture of its own, so lets steal everyone else's. It is a city of trade and you are not coming here to see any of the sights, it is for business so do yourself a favour and head out of the city for things to see.

The number of Non-Natives: 752,000

Public transport:
Shenzhen Baoan International Airport is located near Huangtian and Fuyong villages in Bao'an District.
The metro has 8 lines, with three more expected in the next two years.
The ticket price is 2 yuan for 4 kilometers, 1 yuan per 4 km for 4-12 kilometers, 1 yuan per 6 km for 12-24 kilometers, 1 yuan per 8 km for longer than 24 kilometers.
There are 6 train stations in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Station in luohu distrct, West Shenzhen Station in nanshan district, North Shenzhen Station in longhuanxin district, East Shenzhen Station in longgang district, Pingshan Station and Futian Station, but you are likely only going to need to Shenzhen station.
The ticket price 1-2 yuan for MAIN-LINE and BRANCH, 2-10 yuan for Express.

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