Jinan, also known as the City of Springs due to its 72 artesian springs, is the capital of Shandong province. Jinan once a former beauty of China, has suffered in recent years thanks to being at the tail end of what is referred to as the Chinese smog belt.

History: Shandong is the second oldest "province" in Chinese history, so in turn its capital can trace its cultural roots back to the far reaches of what is known as "Chinese" culture. It is the birthplace of the Longshan culture(a late Neolithic culture characterized by a burnished black pottery), Yin and Yang and the five elements. Jinan has one quite odd claim to fame as it tends to be apart of most of the Chinese "revolutions" or uprising, such as the Cultural Revolution, Boxer Rebellion, The Battle of Jinan and several others throughout Chinese history. 

Climates: Jinan has a humid subtropical climate and thanks to the mountains in the south, the city experiences elevated temperatures and inverse weather conditions, which leads to it boasting a record low of -20°C in the winter and a pleasant 42.5°C in the summer, but it is not the weather that is the biggest factor it is the pollution. Jinan consistently ranks as one of the most polluted places in China, so if you are going to visit the spring is the time, as the heat in the summer can be oppressing and the pollution in the winter much the same.

Attractions: Jinan has quite possibly one of the greatest, also most ignored and poorly cared for sights in all of China "The Great Wall of Qi", which is the oldest great wall in China (nearly 2,000 years older than most of the Great Wall of China.) and even in Shandong the wall is not that well known of even though it spans roughly 600 km. Aside from the wall most Jinan people will boast about the city's springs or of Thousand Buddha Mountain, but for pure beauty make sure to see Red Leaf Valley in season.

The number of Non-Chinese: 5,000

​Cost of Living:
Fast food combo meal: 20 RMB
Litre of milk: 15 RMB
8 km taxi journey: 32 RMB
Rent: around 2000-5000 RMB

Public transport:
Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport is located 33 km northeast of the city center in the town of Yaoqiang.

Jinan's metro system will not be implemented until 2018 at the earliest.
In Jinan there are 2 train stations, Jinan Station, and Jinan East Station.
Jinan's bus system is quite decent for China and prices are the normal standard of 1-2 RMB depending on AC or not.

Make your first stop, the right stop.



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