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Guangzhou (Canton) is the capital city of Guangdong (Canton) Province. Its coastal location has made it an excellent port city as well thanks to its easy access to both Hong Kong and Macau, it serves not only as the political, economic, scientific, educational and cultural center for the Guangdong area, but for most of Southern China. It can be said that Guanzhou is the center of Yue (Cantonese) culture.

History: Guangzhou boasts a 2200 year history. It joined the Chinese empire formally during the Han dynasty. The name Canton comes from a Portuguese interpretation of the Hakka (one of the ethnic groups in Guangdong) word Kongtung. Guangzhou throughout its history has been a major hub for trade which has given rise to a larger than average foreign population when compared with other Chinese areas, but this same trade has led to many conflicts and bans. The sorest of which are the Opium Wars, which many Chinese both Northern and Southern still take issue with to this day.

Climates: Rain and heat, that is what to expect as Guangzhou is a subtropical monsoon climate. Heavy rain is almost a daily thing in spring and summer, but it may only last 15 minutes.The notion of winter is not one to hold onto, however Cantonese people will dress like it is winter as homes are not heated and can be freezing. 

Attractions: Guangzhou has one of the more diverse attractions lists when compared to other Chinese cities. A mixture of the traditional and the modern. The food itself is an attraction if you have a adventurous appetite and if you venture just out side of the city you may see things like Bruce Lee's ancestral home.

The number of Non-Chinese: 175,000

​Cost of Living:
Fast food combo meal: 32 RMB
Litre of milk: 14 RMB
8 km taxi journey: 33 RMB
Rent: around 2500-5000 RMB

Public transport:
Guangzhou-Baiyun International Airport is located in Baiyun District and Huadu District. 

The Guangzhou metro has 10 lines and 184 stations. The ticket price is 2 yuan for 4 km, 1 yuan plus per 4 km for 4-12 km, 1 yuan plus per 6 km for 12-24 km, 1 yuan plus per 8 km for longer than 24 km.
There are 5 train stations in Guangzhou, which are Guangzhou Station, East Guangzhou Station, South Guangzhou Station, North Guangzhou Station, and West Guangzhou Station. Prices vary.
Bus: The ticket price is usually 1-2 yuan.