Education is the cornerstone of our society, the blood that flows throughout our civilizations. It is everything to everyone, yet we forget that proper education is still not universally available.  Which is eyewateringly sad, as we live in a time when you can find out what some inconsequential starlet ate two weeks ago on Tuesday, yet there are millions who have yet to have the chance to learn how to read and write.

Now if there is one thing you learn about F.S. Pros, on your visit to our website, it is that education is at the heart of everything we do and we strive to help any organisations or indivuals that are trying to make a difference in the field of education.

Molly Morrison is one such individual. She is the writer and illustrator of the educational children's book Yao Yao and the Dragon Kite. Molly currently lives and educates in China, but previous to that she worked in Burkina Faso for Friends of African Village Libraries (FAVL) an organisation that she still feels passioante about and if you would like to learn more about this great organisation pleasure go to to see how you can help the next generation of scholars, or if you would like to purchase a copy of this excellent children's book please contact Molly.

Built up from its not-for-profit roots, F.S. Pros has never lost that idealistic spirit. That simplistic joy one gets from knowing that you are helping others, so we strive to keep that joy alive for as many people as we can.

One of the many ways we strive to help the community around us is with our International English Corners. These not-for-profit ventures are meant to help the community as a whole grow not only in a linguistic sense, but also in creativity and thinking.

Make your first stop, the right stop.