We know that the job hunt is never as easy as it should be. From agencies with trust issues and empty promises to employers that are far too good to be true. You are ultimately left by the wayside a little more cynical than when you began and no farther along.

Simply put you need a job, we are going to find you said job. We will not waste your time over-hyping ourselves or clamoring for trust we have not earned. You have a dream and purpose. We have a desire to improve the quality of our community for our children and our loved ones, so if you feel your skills and abilities can help us make the world a better place than please get in contact as soon as you can and we shall do everything we can to find you that right job.

Make your first stop, the right stop.


Our services at F.S.Pros do not stop with the job hunting process. We also help teachers prepare for their new life in China, assisting them in negotiating cultural differences, organizing group tours and events, setting up extra curricular activities, providing supplemental job opportunities as well as coming to our teacher's place of employment, watching their classes and providing feedback and help that will better aid them in all of their future endeavors. In all, we stand by our teachers’ sides from the initial application to the completion of the teaching contract. We are passionate about helping our educators start a new professional adventure, and making sure they have a wonderful experience working overseas.

We receive our one-time commission fee directly from schools, and our services to teachers are otherwise 100% free of charge.