Make your first stop, the right stop.


FAQ 1. Who do I sign a contract with FSPros or the school?

2. What is the average length of a contract?

3. What experience and qualifcations will I need?

4. Am I too old/young to teach in China?

5. Will I recieve any additional on-the-job training?

6. What type of positions do you provide?

7. What kind of starting salary can I expect?

8. How will the school pay me?

9. When do your teaching positions become available? Am I too late?

10. What extras will I be afforded? Flight reimbursement? Paid holidays? Allowances?

11. Is China safe?

12. I do not undertstand Mandarin/Cantonese, how will I survive?

13. What are the main differences between teaching kids and adults?