Make your first stop, the right stop.


The exchange of ideas is paramount in the modern era. Nothing dies faster than something that clings too hard to ideas of the past. Education and businesses are not exempt from this notion, so we make sure that we try to get out there and see what is on offer. What new ideas are being heralded and what ways can we hope to shape the futures of not only our company but also education in general. While I know it sounds too high and mighty, we still cannot forget the fact that in education we are altering students in multiple ways and whether those alterations are a positive or a negative comes entirely from what we are willing to learn ourselves.


Conference on International Exchange of Professionals


Online Education Forum


IATEFL Conference, Brighton


Sino-Foreign Vocational Education Forum


 Conference on International Exchange of Professionals, Shenzhen


​Blue Economy International Professionals and Industry-Acamia-Research Cooperation Conference