Make your first stop, the right stop.


The First Outing

Smiling couple on their way
Lunch after picking strawberries
Satisfied after a good meal
The picking is good
Lots of strawberries
On the way to pick strawberries

Picking your own fruit is not always an interesting proposition, in fact it sounds like the kind of thing a significant other drags you to when your relationship is in trouble. However when a bunch of people get together and drive out to the countryside to enjoy the weather and atmosphere then a nice lunch it becomes something of a nice little foot note to the start of a pleasant and relaxing day.

And while doing something as simple as strawberry picking might seem unappealing when you are sitting at home or in your office on your side of the planet, but when you travel all the way to China and find yourself lost in the throws of culture shock, confusion and a new way of thinking that you never truly contemplated before, then going out and doing something as simple and plain as picking strawberries can bring you back to a world you are a little more familiar with and a world that can help you clear the confusion from your mind.

trying to find the right strawberry
Lunch after picking strawberries
Group photo after a day of picking
A family enjoying their strawberries
Second outing

The Second Outing